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The Trenz Electronic TE0303 prototyping carrier board provides an inexpensive way to connect the Trenz Electronic TE0300 and TE0630 industrial micromodules and to connect with their own circuits.

The prototype carrier board has 26 single-ended lines on the 2.54mm pin headers.
The prototype carrier board has 42 differential pairs that are routed with 100 ohm impedance to the 2.54mm pin headers. These cables can be used up to 666 Mbit / s per differential pair (see Xilinx Application Note XAPP485) for high-speed signals.


  • 42 differential line pairs on headers in 2,54 mm (100 mil) raster
  • 26 single-ended signal lines on headers in 2,54 mm (100 mil) raster
  • Power supply via DC power jack, screw terminals or USB connector
  • Small form factor: 115 mm x 70 mm
  • 2,1 mm DC Jack

Package Content

  • 1x TE0303-01 Prototype-Carrierboard

Available for download

  • User Manual
  • Schematics
  • Assembly Diagram